Sustainability & Responsibility


The idea

We design and manufacture our jewelry with great joy and care.

Starting from the very first design idea from our creative studio in Schwabach, a tranquil town in the heart of Bavaria (D), to the selection of high-quality materials and elaborate handcraft as well as traditional processes in Thai factories .

This is how our symbolic pieces of jewelry are created with great attention to detail .

Longevity & Sustainability

We guarantee high-quality and long-lasting products and always ensure that every idea of ​​material, design and technology is captured down to the last detail in production to ensure that you get what you want.

The longer a piece of jewelry is in your possession, the greater its emotional value becomes.

And the more often you wear it, the more sustainably you act. Because even after years, your piece of jewelry will still bring you joy and remind you of special moments.

Carbon footprint

WE GO GREEN - we produce our jewelry packaging in Germany in order to keep our CO2 footprint as small as possible with short transport routes and supply chains. Wherever possible, we avoid plastics.

To reduce waste, we only use plastic made from at least 30% recycled materials. We also use recycled silver and FSC®-certified paper.

With this decision, we are not only keeping up with the times, but also taking up our motto “Living in harmony with nature sharpens our awareness”.