Company & Philosophy

From a chain store to your own brand

The history of the Martini Jewelry Time and later the Engelsrufer own brand begins in 1998 when Sabine and Mario Martini opened their first specialist retail store with watches and jewelry in Schwabach. Her great passion for jewelry quickly becomes a recipe for success.

In just ten years, another seven stores will follow in the greater Nuremberg area. From now on, it would be impossible to imagine the Central Franconian region without Martini Schmuckzeit as an established industry player.

Little by little, however, the desire to bring a product onto the market with which both of them can personally identify and fully exploit their creative potential grows. Motivated by the impressions and ideas they have gained over the years, the two of them launched their own brand, Engelsrufer, in 2010.

She is inspired to create a piece of jewelry with meaning by the Spanish tradition of “Llamadores de ángeles” (Spanish: Callers of the Angels) as well as her love for Southeast Asia and the philosophies of life spread there. Since then, Engelsrufer and Herzengel, the Engelsrufer Kids Collection, have stood for meaningful pieces of jewelry that awaken emotions.

“The vision of our own jewelry brand, which meets personal requirements in terms of quality but also design and, above all, meaning, emerged in close contact with our customers. The retail experience is invaluable to us.”
Mario Martini, Senior Product Development Manager
Company & Philosophy

The success story of Engelsrufer

Initially, the entrepreneurs only sell the high-quality handcrafted pieces of jewelry, which are designed with attention to detail, only in the Martini Schmuckzeit branches. However, enthusiastic customer reactions and great demand from other specialist retailers did not take long to arrive.

In 2012, Sabine and Mario Martini decided to present their brand to the general public at a jewelry trade fair and sell it through selected partners.

Today the Engelsrufer brand is represented in over 40 countries and available from more than 3,000 sales partners. A children's line from the Engelsrufer brand isn't long in coming either. Since 2014, Herzengel has once again confirmed the Martinis' recipe for success: passion for jewelry and attention to detail combined with a special feeling for customer wishes and many years of industry knowledge.

“The great success of Engelsrufer overwhelmed us and strengthened our decision to continue creating our own pieces of jewelry with individual meaning. With our Engelsrufer we have set a trend and established it as a permanent fixture in the jewelry industry.”
Sabine Martini, Creative Director
Company & Philosophy

Powerful meanings

From the very beginning, Sabine and Mario Martini's goal has been to tell a story with the help of their own brand Engelsrufer: the story of their unique customers, who should identify with the products. Together they create high-quality jewelry with individual meaning, rather than just accessories. Their motto: Powerful Meanings!

Uniqueness and emotion have been the basic building blocks of Engelsrufer's success ever since.

“The great popularity and the numerous personal stories that our Engelsrufer jewelry writes together with our customers inspire me every day to create meaningful pieces of jewelry.”
Sabine Martini, Creative Director
Company & Philosophy

Strong brand, strong emotion

The two entrepreneurs also want to make jewelry with individual meaning possible for the little ones. In 2014, Sabine and Mario Martini continued writing the Engelsrufer story and launched the Herzengel children's line. The brand's goal is clear: arouse emotions!

Today, behind Sabine and Mario Martini there is a broad-based company that shares their philosophy: telling stories and arousing feelings is not a trend for the business owners, but an attitude to life that they will continue to pursue together with their team at Schmuckzeit Europe GmbH in the future.

“Our recipe for success: Jewelry is important to all of us. For me, it’s not just an accessory I put on in the morning, but a special part of me that tells my story.”
Sabine Martini, Creative Director


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